I work day at the General Department

The report of the General Office, General Affairs Department report, dormitory check, please stay students, private individuals valuables away, and left open the door, thank you! ”

General Services part-time workers for some time in the private secondary school, a profound sense of the now hearts of the children, seem to have an outlet to finish the same grievances, endless things every day, repair, all of a sudden the classroom door. ! Light ah! Or is the locker, a pile of assorted repair, exaggerated but also undermine the pipes of the toilet, urinal. Every time I see a wide variety of repair orders, I can not help but want to burst abroad curse!

Accommodation of students complain about air-conditioning is not cold, and hope that the schools do an inspection, the broadcast after they went to tools, finishing tools, because the other janitors today to deal with the other school buildings, toilets blocked, leaving only one person I want to check all quarters, and figured the down boys and girls up about 50, a ten minutes have to spend my fast day, there is no way to prepare the evening exam, think of this “stepping up the pace of hope to quickly complete the work .

Fortunately, the warden has to require the accommodation of students to organize the House, the check went smoothly, less than two periods of time checked the male dormitory, followed by the women’s dormitory on more, after all, the girl’s room neat little better than boys on the second floor, third floor, took only one class, according to this speed down, it should be the afternoon there is time K book! Expect this pace of all light up, after all, the rehabilitation of the cost, but let me even add several months of classes ah!

Turn into the fourth floor on the room door did not open, how rare to see girls offending the case, to the room locked, how this is going, who did not bring Wan key and had to run back to the first floor General Department ran back to the fourth floor.

While I want to open that room, several female students in the opposite class to see suddenly rose up, I thought to myself, but to open the door tension. Babble ……, the door opened, heard the voice of my tool bag inside the sewing machine oil out in the door hinges, strange, this light how such a difference, is it curtains forget to pull the ? I looked up, Holy crap! A wide range array of underwear comes into view, no wonder female students of the opposite class to be uncomfortable, but things have been so had to bite the bullet and went.

This time, not wait for the air conditioning was installed in the door, transom, but unfortunately it is installed in the windows of the room inside, hastily check the appearance of the function “exit, but in which sharp-eyed, I also found a few very sexy underwear, did not think high school students now so Ganchuan! Check finally finished back to the General Services Department to take a break, but the picture of the head is full of underwear.

At this time the sudden appearance of two three girls, one of which is still just found out I opened the door into the clothesline, “Jill! Fourth floor girls bathroom several showerheads hanger bad, can you take a look? There The washing machine seems to have a little problem! “she said.

“Well you write repair single later on to see.” I said.

“Do not be too late Yeah! More than four points to go take a bath!” She said.

“Well, I know.” I said.

Looked at the writing on the repair, the band get a take, starting into the bathroom to the fourth floor, it really is the girls with? Broken curtain and showerhead scattered on the ground, there are a bunch of hair blocking the drain hole, should come and tell the warden to take to improve the environment, checked the broken things, I am skilled hangers showerhead and curtain repaired.

Make a final check, pop up one idea, then I started to register the number of those nearing the hanger and showerheads, and from the fourth floor to the second floor to check registration number, and after a few days purchasing the shower and hangers come, I will mention the huge bags went to the bathroom for a good fast bad equipment, the next highlight of the stage from another bag, I come up with a pinhole camera and video equipment, installed behind in the bathroom ceiling set PULL from the bathroom to the first floor of the tools, starting from the fourth floor repair with mounted pinhole and spent my day, when fitted to the second floor is also nearly four o’clock.

Suddenly a female student holding a basin and wash clothes come in the bathroom. “Jill you doing ah!” Of female students asked with a skeptical eye. I thought over this will not be found! “I check the hot water pipe.” I went on, down from the aluminum ladder. “Oh, something like this.” She said. “You want a bath and I quickly received an income to let you take a bath.” I said. “Today had finished hurdle with one hundred meters, the coach can go to bed earlier, first to take a bath anyway, the time is coming.” She said.

Then received an income of tools and rubbish on the ground, by the way tell the female students and tidy, I returned to the tool indirectly, with each floor of the signal line, connected my device connected to the computer, divided into four screen on the fourth floor to the second floor bathroom screen, another split screen is reserved to the clothesline between. Looked almost time to work, and had to shut the DVR continued to record the images of the Maid students take a bath, come back tomorrow acceptance of the outcome.

I kick down the card the next day to wait to enter into the tool, NB connection on the DVR, the call out yesterday file that appears first is that female students met yesterday afternoon in the bathroom, her petit really, is the school track and field team captain, a tall, slender legs with 34C, 24,35 a good figure and a sweet face, in school, be a man of the hour, but now they are my prey.

On the screen, long island hot asian escort walked into the innermost shower, draw the curtain went in, come up with a shower cap, long hair wrapped in a shower cap inside, then took off his shorts, shirt, exposing the inside of the underwear a coincidence, I inadvertently between the clothesline see black lace set of black underwear covered with small real 34C breasts, the white breasts against the background of white.

Small really hands on the chest fiddle, underwear on the solution at the front button, and perhaps this can provide better support her practice does not shake too much! Without the support of the bra and rims, small real breasts was still standing, it really is the body of youth, really slightly turned, her nipple and areola is a beautiful pink, so show in front of the camera to hand, bra hanging in the on the hanger, and then receded small pants, did not think small really pubic hair really is rich, evidently, she has trimmed, may be afraid of exposed Come from the inside of the sportswear.

Shua …… steam as the hot water is opened slowly to rise, this time just to test the anti-fog sprays sold in Radio 4 there is not effective after the burst of steam, the lens slowly clear the results were pretty good! This time to see the true actually use the word horse, foot pressure on the wall to stretch the side of the red side of the hot water stretch, look at her face is so comfortable! Along the small true face, the hot water flow to the firm’s breasts through the neck, breasts, because the hot water stimulation, and slowly become a rosy color, nipple stimulation because of the hot water, and slowly stood up .

This time, suddenly reached out from behind one of his hands to seize a small really bimodal, so that small really shocked uttered Jiaochuan, a center of gravity backward tossed away. Another female student turned out to be flourishing.

“Oh come on! Think what ah? Think nipples stand up!” Chien Wai faint smile looked at his arms really said.

“You scared me ah! Then think what a bath it!” Small-chen says.

The “best” exuberant.

Two girls fooling the flourishing was wearing underwear, white, and not long after he was small really with showerhead jet wet the “Well! Do not play I have to take a bath.” Exuberant finish went into the really small next to that small really to return to their own shower and began to cast a shower gel shampoo to their own to look like a snowman-like.

I go to the lens between exuberant that long island hot asian escort is also a track and field team, and features a very deep taste of the aborigines, 32B chest accompanied by a healthy skin color of wheat, neat, short hair, a little Ye Yan faces, I heard that the school some women students quite Ha her.

Exuberant start to take off the already wet white underwear did not think she even areola and nipple is also the color of wheat, when she took off the small pants, I found her body up and down there’s no sun marks yeah! Do not know that Xiao Nizi how have the time sunbathing.

Exuberant turn on the tap, there’s no smoke, Xiao Nizi Xilengshuizao, Mayday slowly began hot, but at four o’clock, or just a faint cool, cold water flowing through the exuberant face, neck, chest, because the cold water to stimulate the flourishing of skin covered with goose bumps, nipple small, such as red bean, but also because of the cold water stimulation, upright standing water flow under her hips rounded firm, I was thinking, this riding bit is inserted, a certain great pleasure to think of this second child is not conscious of the hard up.
Exuberant action soon, the cast the soap the San Liangxia whole body of the foam, showerhead water open to the maximum foam Flush and began to wash out, unlike the small still really slowly massage exfoliating!

“Little Me washing the Law.” Exuberant said.

“You first returned to his room, air-conditioned open so he went his way.” Small true.

Setting then switch back to the small true this really hip as exuberant as strong, but have become more flexible, to see her beat the action of the hip, two small ass shake ah shake it will give people endure could not, tried to grab the last two, and finally a small real washing. Then slowly to bath time, female students coming in more and more ring of fat Yan thin, I picked up a few looks pretty good girls glanced at the psychological blame themselves how such a late thought to install pinhole Reality show is always real than love action films!

Then cut to the second floor, third floor, to see is to have a normal operation is not confirmed I took the last of a group of pinhole, between to the clothesline, clothesline construction is more difficult, will be opposite the school students to see, so I chose the opposite class to gym class when the clothesline, are properly installed and return to the tool room, the last picture has also been, so what the girls wear underwear, I have if the helm.

So read two weeks, about the beautiful female students inside the school, I have seen them take a bath and look for a long time will be fantasy sex with these female students, but only at the thinking stage, there is no good opportunity you can start ! After one week, it is my turn on duty, and really do not understand a part-time workers should also be ranked in shifts during the holidays to the school Gu door, in the face of the empty campus, only one person really have enough boring, but also good TV can be seen.

Lunch is sleepy, I suddenly heard a horn students to register! I walked out of the guardhouse, a stop outside the homemade RV, out of the car out of a woman with a girl, and slowly came up to me, I looked at turned out to be one of the girls turn came, before the other schools in the dance department, but because of injuries to the doctor’s advice to stop dancing, her parents took her turn came to our school.

“Mr. guard, embarrassed, because I told my husband to go to Taipei temporary trip, afraid of the night too late to Rongrong sent back to school, so would like to say first the Rongrong back to the dormitory, do not know if?” Rongrong’s mom .

Present quarters no one, the warden also has not arrived yet, I can not let Rongrong into quarters, this is very dangerous. “I said,” or you Rongrong sent the students home near the evening with the bus home from school back. “I make recommendations.

“Real, the Rongrong just turn to your school did not what a friend can go, or else, she was the first in the guardhouse, and so the warden to let her go so that you can do?” Rongrong’s mother said.

“Had.” I did not know.

Mother “Rongrong, that’ll go first Lo! Remember any problems with the guards brother said.” Rongrong’s mother walked accountable, she never thought her daughter when she was away from her daughter step to push step into the abyss, I looked at the cars to be raised by the wind shelter, and my heart began to plan how to enjoy your meal delivered to their doorsteps prey!

Into the guard room, I saw that of Rongrong bit uncomfortable standing there, when carefully looked at her, Peugeot’s oval face, a black hair tied braids, watery eyes, draped Calendula fiber the heterozygosity body, it really is dance Kebanchushen. “Sit! Do not hesitate to look at what TV? Turn do not care.” I said as he showed her the remote control, she timidly shook his hand, is the remote control to just touch her and handed her hand, she was like an electric shock to the general hand back to I Mozhe, had the remote control on the table, out of the guardhouse to tell her I’m going to patrol the campus.

Casually patrol the circle back to the guardhouse, see Rongrong watching the music channels, see the actress singing and dancing above her eyes issued a strange glory, may she also had this dream, but now may be because of back problems can not be achieved, and she saw me, came back and stood up. “Jill! I can go back to the room to sleep you?” She said.

I looked at the time, probably left 40 minutes warden will come and let her go back to sleep to wait until the warden, and then told the warden, hostel someone asked her to look at, “Well! You first go back! I open the door to help you. “I said.

The two of us went to the dormitory, opened the door to let Rongrong up, and I walked the tools to check the DVR inside the hard disk capacity, and buy a new Tablet PC to use on the remote NB tool set, I took the tablet PC back to the guardhouse, open the remote program to see if there is successful, OK! Put the Tablet PC on the table, watching the replay on TV movies.
Suddenly Tablet PC came faucet wah-wah sound of water, the original Rongrong inside a bath, I looked at said to have seen two or three times, but just a closer look at Rongrong, she really was quite beautiful, multi-saw glances when the phone rang, “the guardhouse Hello!” I said.

“Jill prince is prince, I was stuck in the way back, may not be the way to school on time, if a student to ask you first open the door to let them into the house in order, I will go back before half past six “Jun-Jun.

Mom in the markets

Mother in the markets I was six years old, my father had a serious illness, disease in particular, he wanted to eat the carrot at the time, the carrot is very expensive. My family because of his father’s illness all the money spent, and still owe tens of thousands of dollars of debt.

I usually eat with his mother are neighbors aid to the cornmeal made buns, salted pickles pimple is really no money to buy carrots. But my mother loved his father’s, looked at his father’s poor do not know much longer the way, mother, a cruel ruthless, go to the market that day, decided to buy carrots to eat to his father.

Day, it was the hottest day of summer. The scorching sun, burning baked earth. In the house, even a move that sweat rushing down the stream, let alone go in the sea of ??people set jammed it.

Day, Mother’s upper body, wearing a pale yellow translucent short-sleeve low neck shirt, inside wearing a small bra, pants, wearing a black satin with a discount of half skirt, which is a small, pale yellow belts wearing a pair of high-heeled sandals.

Speaking of which, I must say to my mother. Now I will say it, but I still I have this mother proud.

long island hot asian escort is too beautiful: her skin like snow. 1.65 m, slender, muscular legs gave people unlimited reverie. That the full and upright breasts stands tall, gently vibrate with the move of her body, because the hot days sweating too much, her clothes are tightly attached to the body, two pink peanuts grain size nipple looming.

Her skirt tightly attached to her ass, the two semi-sexy hips tightly Bengzhe. Rounded ass under the skirt upward tilt to a graceful arc, slender and shapely legs no stockings, soft white thighs bare.

This unique mother’s body plump mature, elegant charm make her the allure of a people enchanted, often looked the mother, my little cock will not help hard-up, even though I was just six years old, men among the things still do not understand.

Set, we put away the car, began to turn to find selling carrots. Too many people, we go out into the little man to go, but I find that some people like, especially to mothers who crowded, and some men also hand out to pull the mother was wearing a waist coat, a four more than 10-year-old man also covered with black hair with his hand to touch the mother’s ass.

I am surprised that the mother did not seem to feel like, just head down and led me to move forward. We set in a circle to assist in only the most outside of the food market.

See us coming, that sell carrot eyes light up, hastened to say hello: “Sister, buy a radish? Large and delicious, the price is appropriate.” Sell carrots are very strong physically in the four-year-old beard.

“How to sell?” The mother went to the Tanqian squat watching carrots asked. At this time, I noticed that the mother’s coat the back of the form demonstrated to be able to see her pale yellow panties through her skirt behind when her body bend forward, that underwear is too small, exposing a small portion of the bottom groove.

“Ten …” beard just say a word before they stopped. Mother felt strange, he looked up to the big beard and looked surprised to find his eyes peering staring at his chest. I saw the original mother down a squat, put the knee up one of her two breasts, and her shirt collar is also very low, so that the upper part of the white breast will be exposed, either there bra, nipple that will gel out.

The mother blushed and hurried to the legs on both sides of a two breasts caught in the middle of the legs, again coat collar up a mention, cover the breast, and then back again the body of a belief, squatting straight a.

Ten dollars a pound. “Beard felt very embarrassed, and hurried to recover the eyes.

“Ten dollars? Too expensive! Can not be cheap?” Mother counteroffer Road.

“Big brother, you see, the father of the baby was seriously ill, do not know can survive for days this treatment, to give him dad still owes tens of thousands of dollars of debt, I really have no money, you see, can can not be cheap? “mother pleaded.

“No, my whole family also rely on this to eat it!” Big beard and laid them out of the shelf, and started playing in the scale, rejected altogether.

“Big Brother, I pray you.” Mother low to continue begging.

“Not the beard looked a mother, this look, his eyes never move no further. I felt strange, this big beard always look at the feet of my mother doing? I followed his eyes to see, where he was looking at my mother’s foot clearly see my mother … the mother stand with legs, two smooth thighs, as well as the entire perineum completely … I pay attention to to beard the legs of one of a shaking, and his crotch, and a similar stick things from the top, overtopping the higher the top of his crotch zipper a little.

“Then so be it, you answer a few questions, if I am satisfied so long, I not only cheaper, but also given away for free.” Bearded look back, then said.

“Really? That you ask, right?” Mother a look of surprise, the world there are so many things! She as a bearded benevolence.

“Really is the father of the baby to eat carrots?” Beard gravely.

“Yes.” “What do you want to eat with the children?” Beard look of concern.

“If you want you want to eat meat radish?” Ah? Meat radish? “Mother puzzled, looked up to the big beard. Surprised to find his hand to rub his crotch in one hand and holding a carrot in front of the mother’s inter-ministerial gestures. The mother looked down at himself, had to stand with his legs, and hurried to the clamping legs, followed by two red clouds flew up into the cheeks of the mother.

“This … big brother, you see, can not be another problem.” The mother asked softly.

“No, you know, I have this radish is only one of the Complete Works of City, of course, only one of the root meat radish is also the Complete Works of City if they want to eat you can in order to understand.! Hum! The mother remained silent, head bowed, blushed red.

“Want to?” Beard asked.

The mother was silent, still head down, biting own a lock of hair, as if thinking. I think that the mother, this is how the white to the carrots do not want to eat? ! What a strange thing! If you know the big mustache is what it meant, I would not think so.

“Want to?” Beard asked Road.

The mother thought for a moment, biting his hair and finally resolved. “Want.” Mother hissed out a word, lowland barely audible voice.

“I know what you want.” Beard immorality to laugh and stood up.

“Look, you come to sit here.” Beard beckoned me said, “I looked at the stall, I and your mother to the back to get the carrot, and bring it to you eat can give me the stall optimistic ah.” I am pleased to sitting in his seat.

The mother glanced at my head down, walked in the beard behind the back of hay between. A few minutes, I heard behind the haystack Kong came the voice of the beard with his mother, and then fluctuated mother moans, the sound lasted about 40 minutes.

Waited a while, not to see them come back, I worry, but go to the back, how to use such a long time? This is where to get the carrot, how do not come back yet? At this time, I looked to see the four weeks, hey? Beard things are here, he also led the mother to where to get it? I made them go in the direction to walk, walk a few steps, we heard the voice of a man and a woman, but could not hear what they say.

I turned down the sound a haystack, then the sound is clear.

“Wow, thrilled comfortable ah ah …… hey …… hey f # # k you die … Chasi you … I want to f # # k bad you cunt.” A male voice, not a beard who?

“Ah … ah … good brother, forced, good and comfortable … with …… hard …… ah …… ah …… you meat radish was amazing, I have not tasted six months is what it is.” This sounds not the mother who is? I quietly squat body, looked first to the haystack see The underground Rengzhao a few pieces of clothes, coat of beard, the mother’s blouse and skirt, the mother’s sandals are casually thrown next to the clothes.

I then looked up, looked up, and are seeing the right side of the beard with his mother. Beard red chested, bare buttocks, legs stand with trousers faded to his right ankle; stroke of the mother’s bras breast on top of two large breast completely bare, and her bare buttocks, but also stand with two The people seem very comfortable.

Beard every time the top, not at once inserted in the end, but first his cock slowly inserted into the part of this time, the mother’s mouth with a light hum sounds, and then his upper body back a belief, ass forward a thick cock suddenly inserted into the mother’s legs, and the roots not into, the mother I do not know pain or cool uttered a loud, but I think it was cool, because her mouth saying “so comfortable and so comfortable!” Her demeanor is very comfortable look.

Bearded one breath out of the cock, sticky liquid with his cock out of outflow, and some direct drop some cock down his flow to his legs, and onto the ground reveal that both sides in the mother Roufeng dropping, there are some along the mother’s legs shed. Has a few beach wet stains on the ground, no longer tell the sweat or something else.

Then, the beard began the next insert Choucha speed faster and faster. Ten minutes later, the big Huzi Song to open the mother’s breast, held her waist tightly and quickly to Choucha with their own Roubang mother, eyes closed, mouth and send continuously the ah ah, her two roll up and down the breast, playing in his chest, the issue pops to sound. Suddenly, big beard, his belly is firmly attached to the mother’s ass, his hands clinging to the mother motionless.

Bearded ass involuntarily twitch, they also issued ah … “cried out, then pour in a haystack, but also fell to the ground. The two men lying on the ground breathing heavily, wheezes.

“How? My meat radish can also be right?” Beard touched the mother’s breast and kissed her one asked.

To your death-like does it hurt you grab people’s breast. “Mother Jiaochen Road.

“Mouth below you are comfortable or not ah?” Hand rubbing of the beard to the mother that is flow the the Roufeng of sexual secretion.

“Do not laugh at people pretty soon you plug rotten, that stuff is too big, bigger than my husband more. Of course, very comfortable, ah … people’s legs Bulong.” Spreading the mother Johnson.

At this time, the beard is not intended deliberately to me here looked at, I hurried back.

After a while, they said with a smile out. Mother’s hair is messy, to wearing a fluffy hair tip, there is a grass coat completely exposed, not tie skirts also deducted only two buttons above. The beard was walking behind her, one hand on her ass.

I noticed that the mother a little strange walking posture Originally, long island hot asian escort was walking legs tightly between their legs, and absolute lady walking legs light stand with, also a lameness.

The “little devil, no, anxious, right?” Beard come to me, touched my head and said, “You give me the booth to see the good, what Modiu. To reward you for fifty dollars. I let you see for my share of things that go out, a secret for me, do not let others laugh at me, is to make a child look at the stalls. “beard out 50 dollars handed me.

I turned around to pick up the money, the face in front of his crotch, I was just a gasp, smelt also fishy and show odor. I looked the beard crotch at the zipper should have failed one way or another, his little white in front of the wet, I could see his cock curled curled lying there, he belts it wet dripping stains continues to expand. My eyes sweep down his zipper next to a few drops of white mucus.

“What a shame! Are adults and do not know the pants and zipped it up.” I took the money, take a smile, he said.

Is not it? “Beard inclined mother is squatting in carrots a zip up.

“Yes, how did you bring carrots?” I asked.

“Let your mother ate. Your mother to go back and then spit your father to eat, absolutely wants to turn his cure.” The beard bedroom eyes the mother said to me.

“My mother eat? Spit to eat to my father, give him medical treatment??” I was very surprised, looked at her mother one. I watched my mother stand with one leg, the front of her panties totally wet, there is a something forward to the mother’s underwear top is very high.

“Do not listen to his nonsense, he lie to you!” Mother’s reddened, said to me.

Sister sexual secretion gurgling tight narrow vagina

That year I was 14 years old, 16-year-old sister.

Summer days are very hot, I did not how to go out and play, my sister often stay at home.

The family had only one air conditioner, the parents go to work, my sister and I take a nap in air-conditioned room at noon.

That year I developed, and occasionally wet dream.

My sister and I wear shorts that day in air conditioning room, a nap, I had a dream, the plot is very erotic, wake up, I found an erection, my sister lying next to me, is sleeping with, I was bolder, so they reach out to touch her sister breast sister wearing shorts, T shirt, inside with a bra, breast, lying on his back almost no prominent sense, coupled with a bra, feels not much of feel.

But that feel good, secretly.

I touched the side of the sister’s breast, while holding his penis masturbation until ejaculation.

Then I crept up to replace the underwear back asleep, when the sister did not mind to detect.
I often shoot in underwear, anyway, a washing machine at home, the parents had not found.

I lay sister around, half asleep, I suddenly want to touch the sister below, so he held out his hand to probe into the band from the sister shorts elastic waistband, sister to wear underwear, I still can not hand out underwear go hand hot sister’s thigh, to continue to masturbate.

To do so for several days sister had never noticed before, so I bolder That noon, I reached into his sister’s underwear, touched her hair below.

I am very excited, there is no such pleasure, I want a finger into her middle of the two legs, but the sister’s thigh clip is very tight, a little will not fit.

I am still trying to put your finger inside plug, suddenly rolled sister, facing me, my hand caught in the legs the middle, I was shocked, really scared, heart thump thump jump .

I secretly looked at her and found hot asian escort ny was staring at me with his eyes open, I think it probably finished, the penis immediately soft.

Sister did not speak, but also sandwiched my right hand, slowly held out his hand to touch my penis, I do not know how would this be, they dare not speak, only to lie still to let her touch, she did not touch a few the next I re-erection.
The sister is very curious to see my penis erection after sat up off my underwear to his knees, and began to play with my penis.

I did not look closely eyes closed, feeling sister’s hand squeezed my penis dangling and also my foreskin line and down.

The glans is first exposed, cool a little pain, and sister, as if with the thumb and index finger pinching my penis back and forth rubbing.

The first time someone touched the penis, and I quickly shot, semen emitted go very far, as if sprayed into the sister face, hot asian escort ny was shocked, immediately get out of bed to wash your face, I quickly get up and wipe with a paper towel.

The sister then come back later to sleep, I lay beside her pretending to be asleep, but how could not sleep.

The next few days I did not touch her.

It took almost a week, as usual side by side lying sleep, hazy, I think that the penis seems to be someone holding woke to find the sister to lie on his side facing me, hands pinching my penis, breathing evenly , as if asleep.

I immediately get an erection, the sister’s hand moving, to roll up my penis, she could not sleep.

I ventured rolled over and faced her, reach out and touch her breasts, she did not bring the bra, lie on his side the breast lying on his back a lot.

I reached into the inside of her T-shirt to rub her breast, and secretly looked at her, her face was very red, his eyes were closed, but the lips slightly open, I want to kiss her, but did not dare.

Her nipples hard up, I was worried, the sister’s body was immediately flick, a little harder pressed my penis.

I started with the thumb and middle finger to pinch her nipples, very rhythmic, and she pinched my penis rhythm.
This time I insisted on was a long time, but still could not help but shoot, all shot in her hand.

Her hand trembling, as if at a loss, after almost ten minutes before climbs to come and go wash your hands, I also “paper to clean the penis.

Noon the next day I kissed her breasts and sucking her nipples, she did not refuse to let me shoot in her hand.

The third day, I try to touch her below her shaking is worse, did not touch my penis, but the thigh is also no folder so tight.

My fingers touched her pussy hot and wet, and even his underwear in the air is hot and humid and hot and humid.
I’ve seen in pornographic magazines, a woman’s genitals, where is the clitoris where is the vagina or distinguish.
Sister of the seam which is very wet, seems to flow a lot of water out, slippery.

I use the middle finger to her clitoris, circling, sister suddenly groaned with the thigh clamped I go out into the inside hand.

My fingers can move and slid into the labia minora is necessary to drill to the vagina which, when she suddenly turned around and my hand is taken out.

Her back to me, to continue pretending to be asleep.

I was very careful, gently, slipped out of the sister’s underwear.

The sister is still pretending to be asleep, did not seem to sleep through the lower body have been me to strip. She rolled over and ass at me.
I touch her buttocks, very slippery very soft, very flexible.

I reached into her ass groove, touched her anus, she did not move, my gall bladder is getting big, I posted up the body, the top penis into her ass ditch separately, and then hand over her body to touch her breasts.

I could feel her ass in the front and rear swing, the anus is contracting, and my penis against her anus, hand pinching her nipples, and soon shot.

After I finished shooting, I turn around pretending to be asleep, and sister up to go to the bathroom to wash.

Then that summer vacation last.

Later, I had a girlfriend, have sex frequently.

Year summer vacation with his girlfriend Xiaofang home, no one at home, I set off the the Xiaofang skirt, take off her panties to help her masturbate.

Soon the Xiaofang following wet, I let her lie on the sofa, from behind into.

I took off my pants, put that penis just inserted to half of the glans, the sister of the room the door suddenly opened, and sister standing in the doorway watching us, Xiaofang frightened, and shouted to jump up and pull down the skirts, underwear did not wear on the run away, I want to chase, but lower body light, seeing Xiaofang opens the door and ran out the door and “bang” sound automatically close.

Sister did not speak, came up to me to hold my penis, I had an erection, and a grip more excited, so just-to on the sofa, on the photo just Xiaofang posture plug into the sister’s vagina is very tight, although not a prelude to, but there has been very wet and I easily would glans squeeze into her little cunt eye.
I even behind the move for four or five times, 14cm long Rougun to the whole root inserted into the sister’s pussy.

The last touch of the sister’s body or two years ago, two years between sister mature, breast fuller, more shapely figure.

Sister vagina tight, soft and hot. The folds of the vaginal wall blowing my penis crown, very comfortable, I plug the approximately ten minutes, and then shot, shot in sister vagina.

After it’s happened paralyzed on the sofa to rest, sister ran into her room and shut the door, is to do post-processing.
Since then, throughout the summer, daily noon to stay at home and sister having sex, they rarely go to Xiaofang. The only sister “inconvenient” to look for Xiaofang.

Sex when she was not talking to me, pretending nothing had happened, so I would not be able to play with her fancy, each sex and almost the same posture.

I sometimes wear a cap, sometimes not wearing positions are backward, it is convenient, sister bent down to tilt the ass, I pulled up to her skirt, took off her panties, or do not take off underwear appropriated side can be inserted, and then touched her soft white ass, enjoy the strong attenuation, the climax, when your hands explore her clothes to touch the breast below, then ejaculation shot in her body.

Always so cool, will Chuyishenhan, and sister to do afterwards, I went to take a bath.

[Imprisonment beautiful female teacher]

“Ah, miss, and macro-mei sex want that beautiful breasts and buttocks of the rub, tearing her stockings, to lick her thighs, her beautiful face full of pain and shame expression, is long overdue Hiromi teacher out. ”

The voice full of desire to focus on Gakuen SHENGRONG beautiful English teacher and Hayase macro America, he was looking at her beautiful back clamoring from the heart.

But Hiromi is not aware of, new york city asian escort was wearing a black bathing suit, walked slowly toward the school such as the pace of the model Step swimming pool in a peaceful, elegant posture.

Darkness the sound of beautiful looked at her slowly walking back, hard to swallow their own saliva.
Specifically for the swimming competition of black swimsuit is tightly wrapped in a soft body, showing a young girl’s slim. Hiromi Hayase, 23, is the dividing line of young women from the girls towards that bright, naive young girl into a mature woman, it goes without saying that the beauty comes out is kept, to form a beautiful demarcation line.

Even from a distance can be from the swimsuit bare skin seen that white skin is so pink, really slippery as marble, white complexion like a beautiful sculpture-like curve just right. the place of the convex convex, concave local concave, Hiromi wearing a black swimsuit tightly wrapped in the TV drama white flesh, thus white lines, including the crotch to the formation of the strong points of white in the middle of the tight-fitting swimsuits small to cover below, a small flower waiting. When the beginning of each step on the slender feet when walking, as if into her flower heart like, makes the viewer feel as if moved slowly with her.
Completely occasionally when he saw Hayase the beauty of the macro America teacher, so he said: “as a beautiful body and beautiful face, decided when the teacher is really a waste, is to become a model is not surprising. “However,, Hayase teachers, there is only one drawback is that she grew up determined to become a teacher.

When his teacher Hiromi, new york city asian escort gently smile, exposing a naive smile, said: “This is a desire to own a very small, there always thought that a teacher is a very sacred profession, so as to train more qualified students. ”

May be too shy, new york city asian escort said this experience, the shy tenderness, carefully, making him feel infinite excitement. He believes that the only kind of beauty will make people think she is more popular, full of beautiful self-confidence.
If she is like a normal girl, like weekdays afraid of small animals like to live in fear, in any case awkward, does not seem to rely on. But she was a touch of makeup to make her beautiful cheeks rise to a thin layer of blush, like a garden-like atrium after standing. Also can be seen, her sex experience is not much, but when the buds of sexual functional blooming, the aromatic Yinye slight aroma gently haunted her.

Hiromi doing school swimming Ministry adviser, on behalf of the county team her in high school, he participated in the game, was the designated consultant swimming Ministry, so she can not do any evasive, so today she wore a swimsuit to the school swimming pool .

Who see the beautiful figure of Hiromi will be excited about making his cock swell to the degree of pain.
At the same time will that she must be well educated, was born in the wealthy, and if she could tame, really a blessing.

Hiromi doing weekdays done to relax the face, her beautiful Anhei big eyes, soft, long eyelashes, has a trim and comfortable the bridge of the nose slightly upturned cherry lips, visible through the pink swimming cap cute ears, really good mature sensual lips, everything is so tempting.

The Hiromi greatly drew a few breaths, gently onto the high platform of a swimming pool. Then that white slim body flying in the air, paddled elegant paintings arc flying into the front of swimming. Water, and the white flesh such as mermaids generally free swimming. When her flying into the bottom, you see a burst of spray splashes, her body was immediately turned over to swim straight out, such as beauty into the water a camel. Halfway to flip their bodies continued to swim the backstroke. When her breast two round uplift seems to be exaggerated in support swimsuit like. Body of water maneuver rapids feeling makes her feel breast fullness, and support from the nipple from the flow of urgent and swimsuit know her plump and firm.

In the pool a short distance there is no way to see her beautiful long hair untied, you will find her long hair drooping back. When she slowly rotating plan wave, you will find her shiny black hair slightly.

He gently stroked his lower body, doing a lot of awkward physical activity, watching in the hands of the water such as fish swim teacher kept sliding own doing, so that the lower body to the rapid expansion of erectile.

“That was going to take off the suit was about sex. “Since the side of the pool to see her beautiful swimming carcass, so they often fantasize about while learning, while sex with her. Why would like to think that inside his black growing appetite to improve. And then is repeatedly dream of opportunity finally came.

Day of Peace is no different, after the end of the swim practice of the Ministry of Hiromi Hayase teacher in the back of the members of the swimming Ministry, she was a person continues to swim with. This is close to the Stadium indoor swimming pool, outside Pale completely changed, the swimmer in the school were also largely back in the swimming pool, only the two of them.

Hiromi stop swimming, big eyes looked at the nearby hide eyebrows, she saw her time, and perceived a hint of danger. So she slowly from the swimming pool on the ground to pick up towel placed in the next, then a dazzling slender legs to reveal an infinite curve. When the drops of her body with a towel to wipe do, her side wiping water droplets, the side of her foot step to go to the swimming pool door.

Excited Toshihiko when his teeth have been worn hard, and even issued a slight sound. Calm down and finally lead to today, so the best chance, finally able to implement a long continuous brewed to plan. So he quietly moving pace, with the Hayase macro teacher behind and gently start to go.

Tripod in taking treasure

Thing same the gold Guangcan. Rectangular. One end carved with a dragon first. Like a printed seal-like things.

Eyes half – turn this thing, Han sight move, but also look at the willow water children there one.

The meaning of this female natural Baihan Li, calm a palm lift white fingers the same items that have a gold blinks.

At first glance, it seems very similar and the Han dynasty in the hands of things.

About the size of the same slender, but the end of the imprint, but it is a vivid golden phoenix.

Han After reading it, his face showing a trace of a think about the color.

At this time, the willow water, children explained up: “The two things called Delicate keys open this Jinding only thing indispensable. Although my two do not know the circumstances of the temple, but the home division, said, This exquisite key to open the thing, ten the eight acridine nine virtual panacea storage of the Department. ”

“Yes, the family division is also true to say.” Shi Kun see Liu water said full out, and no longer cover anything, simply admitted.

“In this way, two of his fellow wish this tripod to open to see if there really two predecessors, the thing required, and that virtual panacea, I do not know there are few, if two or more words, two of his fellow without contention, split immortality wants Han smile, one of indifference.

After hearing this, willow water, children and Shi Kun Hu Wang a, the eyes are somewhat unusual …

Hanxiong said makes sense. The Baoding sooner or later to open. Dan Daoyou, each exquisite keys Ding void Dan seems to be only an appearance, but the event really have two or more words, what we do also true without contention. “willow water, children no more than consider what is, Chong Han said lightly.

Immediately open this tripod there will be no problem, but Danmou think two is better Delicate keys simultaneously handed Hanxiong Han Tao will remove the tripod in the treasures, and then to decide how to allocate. Liu Xianzai think this agenda. ” stone Queensland seems to have figured out what a grin, say the cloak woman whom hesitated words, this woman one time, the idea I do not know how to reply to go.

“How, Liu Xianzai on Hanxiong Could not trust?” To the Tahan surface is a trace of the strange color.

“Hanxiong magical wand to help me two to take the treasure. Sister natural views. Hanxiong, take a good sister in the hands of While exquisite key.” Willow water, child response fast enough, your mind quickly several rotation immediately chuckle made a decision, and the hand of a Yang.

Phoenix first exquisite key on the red the Han excited acridine shot from.

The other side of the stone Queensland sneer, without hesitation the hands of the things thrown out.

The Han Xiupao roll under. Glaucoma flash. ! Delicate keys fell to the hands.

He glanced the hands of two things, but to smile again.

Two to do so, pour really think highly of the next … “Ha ha, this is, of course … only the treasures entrusted the task of Han Tao custody, also Liu Xianzai not immediately What dispute. Otherwise, the treasures, no matter who should get it. The other will not feel at ease. Shi Kun a grin, called haha.

Sister Hanxiong rest assured. “Willow water children Mouguang flashing, also smiling up.

“Hey, but Mr. Han took this stuff, but feel hot very Han the Dian Ledian two exquisite key, exposing a helpless expression. And shook his head.

However, Han Actually, I’m the hands of the thing and then returned to the two, a little thought for a moment, on the pace of a move, and actually really red Jinding went over.

He is so calm, natural to consider themselves the strength enough to beat two more than enough. In the face of absolute power, and sometimes indeed this without more fee thoughts.

To see the move of the Han, the willow water, children and Shi Kun eyes of a trace of tension expression, but two inverted grace, standing still did not move one step further.

Han Zhang Xu distance from TIS, once again stopped in her tracks, eyes swept away in the the Jinding on both sides of the groove, suddenly the power to the hands of the matter mad note comes into the room, followed by the wrist flick.

An right to Delicate keys flying out, but on his way suddenly uttered Qing Ming, actually in the golden light into a golden dragon and a golden phoenix.

Both just circling around the TIS, look toward the both sides of the excited acridine shot away, no missing trace results after the flash of golden light, the TIS groove for just a moment there have been just the right size and shape of the two into the tripod matter.

Two exquisite key are more than half of the slot, revealing only one end of the dragon and phoenix statue, look no regrets and the grooves to match the tink, the edge of the slightest chink in.

In the two objects into a Jinding the moment. The tripod issued Dragons-like melodious sound.

Along with a large golden put the meter fixed to the surface of the clouds that spiral pattern, look alive like spin. Associated tripod release of gold, showing the strange shape of the swirling.

Han only two, the feeling of the mind while shaking, these swirl as if about to be direct inhalation of which the general.

He, a cold heart!

However, this tripod completion of no one presided over the dead, naturally not really afraid of what.

Dayan decided in his body acridine burst of rapid circulation, while the Blu-ray flash heads, this is not also disappear without a trace …

At the same time, Han soon Di, one hand pinch tactics, a misty blue decision ejected out of the fleeting, not into the tripod disappears.

The next moment, Ding issued Dragons as one of change, it became the sound of sweet Fengming.

From afar, the Jinding both sides of the leading Phoenix first, look at live over like Yang first creeping up.

Pan cover golden, big lay down, actually look sky flash did disappears into the void.

Tripod in the wind thunder rang out, soon clear sky thunder gold group, several different sizes from the bottom of excited acridine shot out of a few flashes, it is necessary to the sky and walk the same.

Early and ready to Han, how to make them succeed.

Immediately toss a Xiupao showers.

Gray glow about rolling flying out to the air, lightning roll cover these gold group into its next.

The gold group were rolling a turn, and suddenly the next four, scattered, golden trails of gray light Xia have collapsing avoid actually did hinder not about to break through out.

Following Fang Hanli to see this case, also surprised. One hand to pinch the decision, and suddenly a mouth, a group of glaucoma spray inside the faint also has a blue small tripod.

Is the virtual days Baoding.

Hand slightly a blur in a small tripod on a shoot.

Pan cover their own flies, and then Ding “Puchi” soon, a bottle of black hair excited acridine shot out of the sky a casual.

Chi Chi “piercing sound of what rang through the sky, numerous black hair like a blue Skynet, under a hood, will be all golden light regiment shrouded under it.

Golden light group a hit on it, have a bomb back.

Han is a reminder to decision, one hand washed the air a slight one o’clock.

The blue suddenly a giant net income, after I saw the sky black hair a reduction, for just a moment a few gold group densely wrapped countless black hair into. Final move in the air longer without a cent …

Han This lightly washed air a waving, suddenly the air black hair look become glaring and dazzling, so that after the the Founder body wash NOTE watching scene Shi Kun and Liu water children two subconscious and a twinkle in his lower eyelid.

Black hair wrapped in the gold group into a Qingxia down Fangxiao Ding excited acridine shot away, and no entry which was missing after a flash.

Blue pan cover immediately put down a down, suddenly will virtual Tianding the cover tightly the …

Han Chong small tripod void a grasp, suddenly the Glaucoma flash, small tripod strangely appear in their hands.

Followed by his single hand the tripod, turned around, rushed behind the duo, said: “two of his fellow treasure already at hand, which in the end if there are two predecessors wanted, needed acridine to two of his fellow personally identification of the ……

Carter, Han will then wrist flick, the virtual Tianding once again launched into vacated. Suspended in front of low-altitude motionless.

His own hands a folded arms, the nearest approach to looking at the opposite two.

Willow water, children and Shi Kun heard the remark, can not help but Hu Wang.

But immediately, cloaks woman children chuckle soon as the nod, graceful walk over.

Shi Kun, rubbed his chin, eyes a look in the blue on a small tripod Qingke soon scrape the past. Both far away from a small tripod, Zhang Xu. Have stopped before the …

Not waiting that they have to speak something. Han look indifferent party to the arm, a sleeve red air Ding Yifu away.

Suddenly cyan small tripod were rolling a turn, pan cover was missing once again flash, which faint green blinks endless.

“Hanxiong, your treasure is Lingbao, I do not know names!” Shi Kun then suddenly asked.

Shixiong “how, the next of Lingbao interested. Han complexion did the same, and there is no direct answer, ask one.

“Nothing the next lucky enough to have seen Chaos Souls list a copy of a family, it seems that there are one thing and is very similar to this treasure of his fellow.” Said Shi Kun eyes flashing.

The chaos Souls list! “Han brow subconscious wrinkle yizhou.

“How, Hanxiong Is not heard of this list!” Stone Kun down some unexpected appearance.

Listen to naturally have heard of some, but these rumors, which list the real situation, it is really not very clear to the his fellow ask twelve … “Han with a faltering back.

“This list is also nothing. In fact, those who can occupy a certain area the size of the alien in the spirit world, from heaven down so one day outside the rocks, above the printed record the emergence of this sector in the chaos of Souls list of standings a variety of world fetish and acquired treasure, and replaced at any time. which does not list every one went out, is no small thing. Babel Lingbao is only ranked last acquired treasures nothing … when I accidentally seen the list copy, to remember that there is such a thing with his fellow Ding somewhat similar, but this thing is ranked, I did not pay more attention, perhaps the Danmou remember correctly does not necessarily. Shi Kun is actually calm the say so.

My affair with my sister

Is old at the beginning of the paragraph, which is a true story … but it really is true. In addition to the name is not real, the plot is slightly different, but basically true. Level is very limited indeed, writing is not exciting enough. Minato alive Kanba. Estimated that the next write is necessary to better. Ok, ado, the book The True Story. Do first introduce myself.

I, scholar, feet micro-life. Can not say that the jade tree in the appearance of Bi Panan it. But I guess we sent a little bit (yy) … name it, it is known as wei! In a private work, the treatment is pretty good. My wife is the eldest, a brother, a sister. The younger brother has been married, 22-year-old sister. The first time I saw the time of the sister-in-law, did not produce some special feeling just amazed in front of her weapons only. 162 1 m tall, has a C cup strength (just guessing, because there is no exact concept), it should not be underestimated. And careful study of the estimated genetic effect, because the mother also has a pair of aquiline breast.

The summer of 2008, sister-in-law transferred, and transferred to the vicinity of our home. Although the allocation of quarters in the company, but no air conditioning, and can only eat in the cafeteria inside. Wife fear of suffering sister company, decided to allow her to stay with us. I was very reluctant, just married, have not had enough of the easy life of two people. Suddenly to a person, think about awkward. Two people making love can hit a shot for a place. Sister-in-law to. It is not only hiding in the bedroom, and had to carefully.
But the arm of the thigh, I can only unconditional obedience.

Sister-in-law moved to the day, the hot weather people could not get a hint of the spirit. Although the house is open air, but the move living things can not let the beauty yourself! I get sweaty, and felt extremely uncomfortable. To move those things I was formally looked about sister-in-law, said beautiful woman like a spring wind, the people relaxed and happy. Looked at the sister-in-law, let me lifted, immediately do not feel hot. Sister that day wearing a low cut T-shirt, the faint reflected inside the pink bra, may be really a bit big breast, it may be too small clothes of the reason, breast kind of ready to come out feeling. The following wear shorts or short skirts, has in mind is not clear, because my attention all rabbits to deeply attracted. All know that the wolf is a villain, it is not true. If there are no rabbits were the attraction. Wolf is not so bad. So the culprit or rabbits. Brother-in-law! “Crisp voice interrupted my food for thought,” Oh, oh, Ying, and quickly sit, I get an ice cream for you to eat. “Taking advantage of the effort to speak, secretly looked at his wife. Found that the attention of his wife’s full-on television, Anjiao luck.

Married, all cooking is single-handedly, because the wife do the dishes do not gnaw. The wife is a start every time cooking vegetables, Zecai Han. Of course the important task of the dinner is over to me.
May be, sister, wife want to show yourself at home. I called several times to let her help Zecai wife Leng Shimo move. “Brother-in-law, I can help you get it.” Sister appeared when timely, you may see my embarrassment came. Having sister sat on the bench above Zecai help me. Each take food, low waist, I sat in the opposite side of the sister-in-law, can be described as feast for the eyes. Deep cleavage, and tender skin, do not know what color of the nipple. Several times, sent a little bit you can see a small grape.
But always let me down. May feel that I look at her, the sister-in-law raised his head, just went up to the color of the eyes of my color was really ashamed and feel so bad, sister-in-law of the cheap should be accounted for (and later summed up the Charity begins at home Tin, not accounting for the white does not account for, or beasts do not like). Sister-in-law, but surprisingly only micro-glared at me, and face brush red. That night the food is really beyond their may be too excited.

After dinner, I hurried his wife to sleep quickly. May be excessive hormone secretion, little brother has more than one occasion I raise my protest, so I have to get to vent, otherwise have to collapse is not available.

Returned to the bedroom, I can not wait to flutter up the body of the wife is also very proud of the convex convex, concave concave. White ass. Each climax want to shoot above wife is also fast and hot, simple touch a few, put the gun directly ahead. May be the wife is concerned about his sister across the room, shouting is much smaller than before, but I’m just the opposite. Plug the deepest each force. Issued the sound of the physical impact of the pops in the room.

“Oh, oh, I die, die …” wife issued by the pain and joy of sound. But I can to leave her alone, accelerated the frequency of hitting. But the mind is a mere trifle figure, deep cleavage …
Wei, tonight, too much, I really die, uh, uh, uh … “is intense piston movement, suddenly heard the outside has issued a slight ring. Former home, the two of us, so each sex are not closed. May be accustomed to, so this is only slight with the door. The wife may be too invested, did not care closed. Obviously, outside the sound must be the sister-in-law brought out.

“What was that?” His wife asked. “There is not any sound.” I flick I said, “Wife, I want to,” may be affected by the impact of sound, immediately shot out. “Hate, and quickly go to bed, got to work on it tomorrow.” Do not know the sister to see yet, with such questions, and I stumbled and fell asleep.

The morning, my wife has to go to work because my randomness. Able to complete the task, leading you every day what did not care. And my boss, I am very discouraged.
Relationship is also just. Wife’s work a little more tired, in addition to the New Year when the holiday, at any other time does not have holidays, weekends to rest. Nature of the work of the wife, has led me and my sister-in-law of the derailment, grace, can not say that my willpower is not enough firm.

“Brother-in-law, hurried over to dinner.” Sister to see me, at me said with a smile. Did not see an exception in the face, it appears that she did not see last night. I was so said to himself.

“Well, okay, I wash it.”

Dinner, very embarrassing, this is my shortcomings. To see the beauty always feel the words are not agile. Do not know what to say. Eat secretly aiming glances sister. Sister-in-law with a pair of round face, chin a little tip, but also the tendency of a little oval face. Can not describe, is to feel good to see. Especially her lips, two thin lips meat is to pick fresh fruit like the cute, very sexy. See the lips, and I think if they can get a sister oral sex, how wonderful. Said to see the mouth can be seen that what is the shape of the vagina, can see how much of the pubic hair. But I do not have that ability, do not know the sister’s vagina what is the shape, is not the same wife, but also thick pubic hair? Or pubic venues tend to be? Very casual pull hair, giving a natural beauty, feeling, may be just up reasons, but also did not change clothes, wearing pajamas last night, uh, there should be no bra. Pajamas too loose. See less than a mountain on the pearl.
Nipple should still be pink! Heard his wife say that nyc virgin asian escort has a boyfriend. Sitting on the opposite side able to smell a hint of flavor, I do not know the smell of body fragrance or perfume.

“Elohim, how do you go to work?”. I Meihuazhaohua asked to. “The company gave two days off to tidy up the” sister-in-law said. Then into an awkward, do not know what to say. Although the colored heart, but we really had enjoyed. Meal fled wildly ran. Some readers may say, put the two days off is the opportunity. I think are h Novel, touch hands. Or creating an environment immediately succumb. Pure crap. Fix, then confused wives and children, the amount of No children. That is, made life impossible. Although I actually did have possession of the idea of ??sister, but only the idea into reality, and perhaps never have been. The face of each sister wear clothes storm drain, or after the bath, lovely, inevitably is to obscenity something, of course, have to find a vent port, that is, a gun and a gun attack as a wife, the wife get me mental and physical exhaustion, but also inexplicable. I do not know Why all of a sudden my libido is so strong, and fear of her sister hear, and each time not moaned loudly. I feel this is not the answer, because I do not know the sister is not my idea, can not sit ah, if she also has ideas. I do not put into action, not really even better than a beast. I often do some outrageous action, to test the sister of the reaction.

One night, after supper, sister-in-law to take a bath, I deliberately provocative wife, wife itch get really strong, in fact, my wife sexual, is a bit conservative, nothing. I said to her: “Wife, I want to.”
Wife at me and said: “goat, waiting for sleep.” What line. So I continue to tease, and took out his little brother, put his wife mouth, so she gave me oral sex, the wife can not, compromise, said: “Either we back to the bedroom.” I thought to myself how that line, back to the bedroom Would not it be less than my goal. I said: “can not wait on the line here.” Ying still in the bathroom. “I said:” washing is still early, we quickly solve. “So I set off his wife’s pajamas, you find the emitter In fact, after the wife to go home to put on pajamas do not wear underwear. So easy I entered. Here really do not want the following description of his wife’s appearance, sex process. Already feel like eating, is very common. Could not describe the interest. Even if the wife beautiful. I do not know the readers of your idea, like me.
But this time his wife out of the water than before, probably is the reason nyc virgin asian escort felt her sister in the room.
Soon climax. I would like a little unable to control himself, but I can not stop, because the sister has not come out. After about ten minutes. (Yes, ten minutes does not boast, because the strength of the case.
Ha ha. Rang) I heard the bathroom door, his wife may be too excited and did not hear. I pretended not to hear, to continue the action, I did not dare look back. I’m afraid, embarrassed, but I know that the sister-in-law behind us, I increased the intensity of the spot checks, as far as possible the combination of the location of storm drain to her this time are stimulated, could not, severely hitting the his wife inside. I heard the footsteps of sister-in-law moved back to the bathroom. The wife quickly up and cleaning the battlefield. After a few minutes, and sister-in-law just came out. The wife pretended like nothing had happened. Said: “how to clean for so long, I am still waiting for the toilet.” Then hastily went to the toilet. In fact, I know her thoughts, her inside are hundreds of millions of descendants. Have to get her.

Into the future of the wife, sister watching me for my half-day, that one makes my head spin. “Note that the image of Ha!” I play the fool asked: “What attention to the imagination?” Sister spat, no longer speak, but I noticed her blush, do not know is why the bath, or the heart of the reason . This has been difficult to trace, because when I later asked her how she said nothing, only to say that I am dead kind.

Through this incident, I concluded: at least sister-in-law is not objectionable to me. Have the chance to have to continue to verify. It seems that as a member of my consciousness is still pretty high, know that every time there is a problem and found that the problem should summarize the thinking some. Thank the party, thanks to the country, but for having such a good habit, there will be no future development.

I often find a variety of opportunities for contact with sister-in-law, read a lot of novels, I summed up, there are n kinds of strategies can be implemented, such as: prescription. This done is not good to solve. If she is willing to do okay, if you do not want to, and the chastity Liefu kind that can be there by. Then there is the opportunity to touch the hand, reaction, good. Hug the waist, kissing. And then …… you feel is wrong, or to watch a three piece together, to see the reaction. , Fiction, they say, put a few villains piece on the computer, such as sister-in-law looked at, by the way try the reaction. This would now like to feasible only because only one computer at home and in my bedroom, sister-in-law often go to the Internet, waiting for the weekend, such as wife a go, I quickly put the hidden person piece, put it on the desktop, of course, the name change, you just go and a few movie name. So I look forward to the sister-in-law can see. Wait until my hair is almost white, has more than eleven, sister-in-law got up, depressed. However, as I hope, afternoon, sister-in-law went to the Internet. I pretended to look back to the bedroom to get something, to see if she Kan Ma. The situation is not like I think I imagined as the development of, nor according to the novel, face red, are not. Later, I looked at the play, and really looked open, but only just a few seconds, may be found not to hurry off. But still rewarding, because I returned to the bedroom to see that she was doing and see the stuff I dream together. White, fleshy, and wait for them to go up severely ravaged some. Pajama collar. See the tender nipples, do not look at breasts getting bigger. But the nipple does a little of that. Not clear, but this is enough. I do not like to eat bread, but since then, I love bread, every time pinch flat, then eat them. Much to eat, eat two.

Since that looked at the sister’s breasts, I let them go, and thought to buy a camera, but really do not know where to sell, always feel more deceptive. But this can not prevent my thoughts.
Then like obsessed. Every time I see the sister-in-law eyes emitting scorching flames, but fortunately no nosebleeds. Otherwise, big trouble.

One weekend. The wife’s younger brother and sister and their daughter, came to our house to play, supper and a drink, so the wife is no brother and then drive back drunk driving caught big.

The teacher do not be afraid, I will tap …

Two years ago, has just admitted to post-secondary school, young Yang Shenghua, inadvertently in a shop near the school to see her, the girl Shaofen long hair shoulder-length, elegant and bright face, tall, people complain of eye a bright and lovable girl. Since then, unforgettable, every night is difficult to fall asleep. When he knew nyc hot asian escort was the youngest daughter of the landlord, the landlord Mr. Su is her father, vapid per month higher than the others two thousand, and the price allowed in the house playing mahjong, he just rented the house down.

Fortunately, God has eyes, proximity coupled with deliberately creating an atmosphere and close friends Shaofen finally on the stigma, most recently this past year, feelings of progress is faster, although not yet had sexual relations between the two, but feelingly the occasion of each other, kissing touching manipulation of Shaofen who stroked to full skin stretch, nose coming from the slightest hair fragrant profusion of San Joaquin ecstasy is not already difficult self-sustaining.

This year graduated from Junior College to two recruits from the day nearer and nearer, he would also like nearest to chat with Shaofen reluctant to leave. On the hot road, and slowly forward. San Joaquin because of heart problems, and thinking, the idea gradually calmed down and no longer feel so hot.

Lin Feng is a junior in the senior engineers of San Joaquin, San Joaquin has re-examination, to stay cram a year. On the tutorial and was in third grade Lin Feng classmate, sitting in the same rafts, the same school, had seen each other face to face, naturally more familiar with the speculative talk about full, so they became good friends.

Since mid-June graduation, there is no saw he had a graduation ceremony did not see him, see his results on the bulletin board, the San Joaquin shocked, there is a general computer professional credits are dead when, certainly will not graduate.

“How is this possible?” Blurted out the San Joaquin surprised. San Joaquin thought, Lin Feng has always been academic, sports, friends, relationships, etc … Section specialty, top of the spear. A year when the scholarship, community representatives and the results, in addition to this Section, and other subjects in more than nine, it is no reason why it San Joaquin went to Lin Feng’s class asked his students to know that this is because there is a conflict and classroom teaching, the midterm after the regular absenteeism, even the graduation test that subjects absent, die when pigs fly!

Classroom teaching is Who? “Professor Lee.” “Are you saying that just returned from the United States in September last year, Professor Li Yumei?” Was not her who else? ”

San Joaquin at the very start in ten minutes ago, the San Joaquin and Shao Fen in the living room airconditioning chat, this “missing” for several days, Lin Feng, and finally call back, received a telephone call just shout, “You’re dead that go ? call around the world are looking for you, you know ah! “” I go around the island for a week! “I heard the Lin Feng that cunning and mysterious laughter.

“Kind of hello! Causing me to worry about for several days, to call to your house, that did not go back, I am worried to death.” And “sudden death? I see is Shuangsi the fishes! No I” 500 watts you will go to the army at the end of “looking for” light bulb, you will be so good and Shao Fen? “less Guiche, where are you now?” to fight rent ah, unhappy to find someone to top you, I am a man out rent it? “” Hala do you know you are when? “know ah I deliberately gave her when, or why would I hurry to find a” cohabitation “? eat nothing to do! “willful?” not to mention that, according to this address to take me back to the doghouse! “said Lin Feng addresses is far from the school district, the San Joaquin remember that district in the hills, the scenery good schools, many teachers are living there.

Engage in “real confused to give you a hot day went there to do?” San Joaquin impatience.

“Hey Hey ……! First said, Do not fuss!” You wait for me yo! Do not run around, I probably twenty minutes to the San Joaquin to Shaofen a bit about content, they ride out.

San Joaquin in the district, according to Lin Feng to address drilled right in the lane left to find, hard to find. That is the one located in the apartment, the end of the Lane due to the alley and on both sides of the open space, planted many trees, so even in the afternoon in July, can feel the shade wind and coolness. “This kid can indeed enjoy a happy life!” San Joaquin use with a blaming tone. Look at the hands of the address should be the sixth floor right end of the Lane. Pressing the walkie-talkie, I heard the voice of Lin Feng.

“Who is the San Joaquin?” “Who! Open the door, I fast-fever bird!” After the door opened, Lin Feng, that guy is standing at the door, wearing shorts and vest thief hee hee smile.

“Call me braving the big … ah …!” San Joaquin screaming, two surprised looking at the Lin Feng behind the queen’s mouth almost Bulong. Original Lin Feng behind to come out from the kitchen, is the school of Professor Li Yumei, it is exactly the same and Lin Feng wearing shorts and vest, but it seems small pieces, tight clothes, revealing the coveted The devil figure, the slender white legs, the San Joaquin can not look. Li has always been mature and gorgeous full of intellectual face, seems to have this awkward meet Qiaolian reddish.

“Came in a cup of herbal tea! Do not keep standing in the doorway it!” Lee the teacher’s voice, the sound is still not natural. See Li hands holding tea tray makes the breasts more prominent when the San Joaquin feel the dizziness of the head a while.

“Sit and wait for you cooler, we visit again!” Lin Feng in the side along chimed.

“Excuse me, Teacher Li … San Joaquin sat on the sofa, you can feel the heartbeat is accelerated due to stress, next to Lin Feng calmly sitting in the master seat, Li gracefully cup porting tea tray into the kitchen, Lin Feng suddenly took the hand of Master Li.

Xiaomei, you sit, “said, put Li pulled his lap sitting.

“Do not …!” Flushed face, there is a smiling face. Lin Feng allow the teacher to sit in his lap, his hands behind grabbed her slender waist, while in the ear of the teacher gently said: “What is the relationship? Xiaomei, San Joaquin is my best friend , you will be a common surface Moreover, our business but also please him to help Jesus! “hear say” our thing “words from the mouth of Lin Feng, Li is to flush the ears, bow leaning against Lin Feng shoulder on.

San Joaquin, nyc hot asian escort is what I told you the same rent, next month you have to into the army and I obviously still in school for another year, in order to get a diploma. Xiaomei and I have discussed, would like to with the rent the Su Bobo of the house down, I think this situation You can also learn Xiaomei here, the environment is good, but the neighbors around, most of the colleagues of the school, I often access will actually inconvenient! Moreover, Su Bobo there, far from our school. Shaofen and Su Bomu will usually only the Su Bobo people in the Kaohsiung business year, a rare back to a home there, not to mention the San Joaquin listened to forest Fung, a tea drink in your mouth, almost choked out. That Lin Feng a joke, but an instant to see Lin Feng a look of solemn side of the Li nestled in Lin Feng who, silently watching their own eyes of quite a meaning for help, mind believed seven to eight percent. Then the pained, said:

“But Subo Mu to collect rent, do not come out?” You can say that to the Su Bomu Xiaomei is my betrothed, had reservations to get married this year, because I did not graduate this year, will drag down the the Subo Mu is not the school people do not know Xiaomei is a school teacher, as long as you Shaofen explain what should be no problem! “Why do you not talk Subo Mu said!” sign okay ! even if the Su Bomu do not believe me, but also the letter to her future son-in-law! “things to wear bang, I will kill you!” said San Joaquin smile. Hear San Joaquin says Lin Feng things there is a spectrum immediately to pay appearance of Xipixiaolian, holding the arms of beauty teachers, to kiss the soft cheek, said: “I told you no problem, this time you believe me? … “and the San Joaquin got up, saw the face of Li expression of satisfaction and joy …

[Need for divorce female teachers]

The last day of the 2011 —— New Year’s Eve, I am that unique creative computer company boss invented a game in which four people to play scissors, stone, cloth, under 13:00, the game is a o’clock to go home, two two o’clock to go home, I am very lucky the last one must go to 4:00, think about 2011. so unlucky with his girlfriend in June because of family opposition had to say goodbye, The last day to get hold of the last one, I feel the 2011 touches himself the most unlucky year. Now that I think may be Kujinganlai. Saying time a little bit away, the other brothers, one a go, I am left alone, look at the store almost all proofing, and the remaining four stores still open, do something about it? Not as good as on sex A film under the point home, the speed of the store much faster than at home. Went ahead, Internet, enter the URL, select a few people Wife Mature films, a look at the speed can also be almost four o’clock just can download finished, waiting to view the original short story, do not know to read a few, see happy when suddenly the sound master from the dream back to reality, usually the most annoying call me master, so there is no fixed, perhaps I did not respond, they soon master. Damn, is pleased to see, so really is it really reluctant the rise, and asked loudly
“What happened?”

“Master, help me repair my computer?”

“The computer how?”


“Point of light?”

“Can not.”

“That take up to look at it.”

“In my family, home repair?

“What door, you do not look at what time it is also home to repair?

“Master, …….” not so nyc korean escort said, I interrupted.

“Can not master, master of shouting, I’m not a monk, you are not the Monkey King.” Then nyc korean escort actually laughed.

“I should call you?”

“Let me talk of the town.”

“Talk of the town, how old are you on the talk of the town?”

28 not? ”

“Talk of the town can not help me to repair my computer?”

“Excuse me, this does not go out repairs, you find another others!”

“You are the last one in front of a few that I have asked, they are not willing to.”

“I told you, this time Who-site repair.”

If not finished, her cell phone would like to be her son called and asked her to find a computer repair person did not. Take advantage of when she answered the phone, looked at the time 3:30, bt 23 minutes remaining.

Master, not Mike, talk of the town, I have a double price possible?

Not about the money, this day who did? ”

“That how before they agree to help me repair?

“After a year, fifth day of it!”

“No, my son, the New Year to use it,” said this, looked as if anxious.

Completing my car to send you home is not enough you? Beg of you seem to cry. ”

“You can not cry, let others see not know how it is?”

“That you help help me to repair?”

“Tell me where do you live, right?”


“Your luck is not on my way home. Give a lift to take a look, not reconciliation package, do not know or want to change the parts.”

“Thank you, Thank you!”

“I 4:00 proofing, you wait a little longer.” In fact, go early, all right, the key is A film not to download, huh, huh!

BUZZ, one good, and immediately copied to the removable hard disk.

Her head, came over to ask, “when?”

“And also 20 minutes.”

“Either I go, and be will be on the road to a traffic jam.

You go I do not know you how to fix it right, you leave a phone to me, that time can contact me at the door of our cell you look can you? ”

“Then so be it.”

“Thank you, thank you! I go first, to be met.”

Saying for a while and soon BUZZ, two films is finished, copy, shutdown, check the doors and windows, power supply, pull the gate volume locked. Ride my old car to the district before the line. Really is a traffic jam on the road, but also move around, it seems that non-motor vehicle lanes. Sure enough, the cell door, no one to call, immediately to said traffic jams. Waited for 10 minutes. The car stopped, pull down the window. Even said a few sorry, let me go in her car. She parked the car, open the garage next to my car inside is safe. In the backward elevator, a 18-layer. In order to ease the atmosphere, she asked that I can not call me Mike, I said no, she asked why I called talk of the town, I said my heart is old, after listening to his laugh.
You 28 old, I was 34 it was not become an old woman calling you to talk of the town that I feel awkward, do not you tell me what you call, I called your name. ”

“Do not call awkward, anyway do not Tiantian Han finished tone seems too hard, make up a master on the master, is also quite good back to the monk, the monk often have Aventure, also good.”

She Oh twice and said, You’re very funny, “the young must call the talk of the town, call you a master association to the monk.”

A moment later, to the 18th floor. Open the door, changing his shoes, the room is really big, in the end is real estate, design very reasonable. Casually said one, “Your house is decorated well.”

“Xx quickly called him Uncle, uncle to help you repair your computer with the uncle to the study, mother went to tea.”

“My uncle helped me fix this computer now!” His son ran cried.

“Take me to the study


To the study, a look at my days, a wall made of the floor – the large bookcase, and above all filled with books.

“Your mother is doing what?”

“My mother was a school teacher xxx.”

“Oh, no wonder the book so much.”

“I am the mother in the bedroom there are many books

“Oh, the teachers all love reading your computer how?

“Can not be switched.”

“You have not moved

“My mother yesterday cleaning about health, bad morning opened.

“I see it,” several of the basic parts loose.

Power test machine did not respond, the dissolution.

“Master tea, orange juice or hot.”


“Drink tea”

“What kind of tea”

“Oh, green tea, black tea or chrysanthemum tea

Lot of variety, whatever it. ”

Soak your cup of chrysanthemum tea, you handle every day the computer, drink this tea good for the eyes. ”


Said, dry, put a graphics card, memory, power, light, good for a long time before entering the xp
Master, the computer is not poisoning, slow start

“Computer inside Are there any important information.”


“That I can help you to reinstall about xp

CD to take, start to enter the pe of insert u disk, carried out the ghost

“Your tea, how much suffering a bit”

“Oh, this camellia is a little bitter eyes Well


“Xx, my uncle get some food”


“Otherwise, you eat at my house anyway home nobody else

“No, it will be OK”

“Then I go to you get some fruit!”

“Uncle, can repair it?”

Like “can.”

“Thank you, uncle.” Children of the teacher is polite, and left a thank you uncle, right Thank you uncle.

Pick your favorite eat wonder to get a good few minutes, the original to get a fruit platter, and quite understand the life of a woman.

“You try it, the basic word, excel, PPT, are installed, you see the main points of what software needed?

Enough access to the Internet

Reboot, and you try, OK, then I left


“Master, faster and more ah.”

Newly installed system, of course, fast

Xx, fast Thank you, uncle. ”

“You’re welcome.”

“How much wages”


Supposedly good to 200 yuan

Not 100, $ line, not cheating. ”

“Oh, I am willing to murder you.”

“I had a special worship of the teacher, give you 5% off.

“Fast Thank you, uncle.”

“Thank you, uncle.”

“OK, then I go”

“I send you.”

Soon got to the downstairs, car library, pick up the car, go home, the New Year, everything is normal.

Wonderful nurses

Tao Lan would have been a very happy home, husband, handsome, considerate, and married for a year, loving husband and wife as ever.

Unfortunately, however, come too actually so suddenly in an accident six months ago, her husband lost to do a man’s “capital”, but also to their families in dire straits. Tao Lan in love with her husband, she vowed that even if the husband can never be restored, never to betray him, round him forever.

Tao Lan is a city hospital, a nurse, looks beautiful, big tit korean escort is outstanding, coupled with the well-known family of the unfortunate, prompting the dreams of many male colleagues, often said the “wind” tease her. Tao Lan gentle, whenever such a thing, always smiled, neither angry nor bait still Shoushenruyu.

Her modesty and graciousness, leaving pervert their minds itch, which her night shift Soda, Ma Bin, especially tough. Cao up to 35, married, health as a bull; Ma Bin, 23-year-old, unmarried, a little pock-marked, ugly and dirty. Two every day looking at the peaches like Tao Lan but can not get hand Really worried.

There is a saying heaven pays off, this day has finally let them wait until.

This day, it should Tao Lan, Liu Xiaohui Cao Da, Ma Bin, four night shifts. Liu Xiaohui home something suddenly took leave of absence, and only three of them, Cao Da, Ma Bin danced for joy, Tao Lan, unaware that danger is near.

Settled patients, they wearily back to the lounge. Four subjects outside the hospital night shift lounge only one between the middle separated by a two-meter-high wooden side aisle, the other side of the three huts: in the innermost door; men in the middle, there is no door. curtains cover open; outermost is a simple bathroom. “Dr. Tao,” Soda said today Xiaohui not, as you and we go to sleep. ”

“Do not talk nonsense!” Tao Lan said with a smile, big tit korean escort has become accustomed to this joke.

“Yes, my sister.” Said Ma Bin, “a man not afraid of you?”

“Fuck you,” Tao Lan said, “This little devil you how to learn nonsense.”

“Where small ah?” Said Ma Bin, “hee hee big it.”

Lan Tao Ban Qilian, “and then the nonsense I’m getting angry.” Finish into the back room.

Cao Da and Ma Bin, laughing, they know the Tao Lan temper best, not really angry. Watched her twist twist back, release of brilliance in the eyes of the two.

Time bit by bit in the past, Cao Da and Ma Bin, a little sleepy nor they Tanxing is strong.

Pony, a girlfriend? Cao asked.

“Yes,” said Ma Bin, “punctuality. Breast big!”

“You touched?”

“Of course, how I will miss her.”

“She like it?”

“At first reluctant, later ah ah ah barking.”

“She called?”

“Ah … ah …… ah Ma Bin loudly imitating, they know that these words reached the ears of the Tao Lan.

Sure enough, Tao Lan protested, “Stop it, do not sleep!”

Cao up to pretend not to hear, asked: “You had a relationship with does not?”

“Ah.” Mabin Xing excitedly said, “the first time in the Tao Lan sister sleep in the bed.”

“Ah!” Cao up to gasp, “Here?”

Yes ah, a value of afternoon classes, my girlfriend came to me, I see nothing, put that day she pulled inside that room.

I kiss and hug her, she said do not do not, I said okay, no one would come in, put her to bed. ”

Tao Lan moving the moving body, “that they in my bed …”

Just listen to Ma Bin, went on to say: “I kissed her side to touch the side of her breast, she soon go soft, but I was hard.”

Tao Lan, he said the “hard” What do you mean, his face blush.

“I took the opportunity to take off her shirt and kissed her breasts, her response is getting stronger, I reached into her pants, guess what?

Tao Lan knows what will happen, feeling she had. Soda does not seem to know, “how?”

“She would have wet my to Paxia her pants and underwear, she was naked and lying in bed and I jumped, resistance from her thighs dry up and her vagina is very narrow, tightly wrapped a big stick, comfortable very quickly Choucha. Zizi Zi …… Zizi Zi …

Tao Lan felt his heartbeat accelerating the slide into the lower abdomen, a heat from the chest. She sat up, she wanted to urinate.

Cao up to know the Tao Lan could not, he heard the sound of the Tao Lan up. Then there is the Tao Lan footsteps. “She was going to urinate.” Soda and MaBin, also got up, slipped partition before. Peek at the two women, they dug a few holes on the division.

Tao Lan really opened the toilet lights also plug in the door and lifted the white coat, slipped out of underwear, powdery white buttocks exposed. She squatted down, but urine no. Cao up to know her fast folder could not, the woman folders could not wanted to urinate.

Tao Lan urine only a few drops, the sound is great, shame her face flushed, and hastened to clean up and ran back to the back room.

Still next door to two men chatting, however, speak replaced Cao up. “My wife and I used to be loving, newlywed to do that every day my wife is a lawyer, learning it, and usually sanctimonious night like kneeling on the bed Arse, I stood on the bed plug from the back of the kind of posture This posture can be inserted in the end, top to efforts to reach, so the women are like men can see the cock and out Xiaoxue the scene, more and more straight, and then ever hard. ”

This is also a Taolan Xi Huan position, she has been feeling beautiful from Cao reached the mouth that is so lewd.

“The libido of my wife and I sometimes can not cope, so I have been worried about her affair. Pony, pony.”

Ma Bin seems sleepy, Cao was still the spirit. Tao Lanxi hope they go to bed early, but deep down they want to continue to listen to the story below.

“Sure enough, once I caught.”

“So his wife had an affair.” Tao Lan suddenly feel up to Cao pitiful. “I work early to open the door, I felt something was amiss children, the house has happened. I quietly pull out the key, around to the back crawl I see from the windows inside the walls inside, I saw two men stripped naked is to do that thing men do not know, the woman is my wife. male ass Ins and Outs of movement, and my wife kneeling did chirp sound to him in bed and I can imagine her Xiaoxue the sexual secretion really man cock feet long, thick, strong attenuation issue sizzle. ”

“So long?” Tao Lan want.

“Asked the men’s side of the dry side” is not done comfortable than your husband? “My wife said,” Let another man dry too comfortable. ”

“Oh …” Tao Lan can not help but Di Hu soon. She was getting hot, so simply take off the white coat, only underwear briefs, covered with a towel blanket. She touched her lower body, and actually has been wet, an urinate and hit.

She got up, wrapped in a towel blanket, open the door and ran out.

Cao Tao Lan up the sound up to hear, and know that she wants to pee, quickly got up, one got into the cabin of the Tao Lan.

Tao Lan, lie down and felt right, the atmosphere of an man lunged, she stretched out his right hand to pull the bedside lamp, the hand was caught immediately.

“Who?” Tao Lan rhetorical, heart pounding.

“Hush!” Soda, “pony on the outside.”

“What are you doing?” Tao Lan whispered, “Go out quickly, I shouted to the people!” Left hand under the pillow to work out a large pair of scissors.

“Do Do, Do not cry, to pony hear bad.” Cao did not expect her to have weapons, and hastened pleaded: “I just want to see you, no other meaning.” Then, leaning toward the bed shift the shift.

“Freeze,” Tao Lan slightly relieved, but his left hand still holding scissors, right hand to break free Cao up, tightened the towel blanket to cover the bare Jiaoqu, shift to shift to the bedside, his eyes tightly up. staring Cao Cao up to see that she did not yell, and my heart very happy, said: “I’ve always liked you, every day is your shadow in the mind.”

“Oh …” Tao Lan sighed a breath, “We are married, you would not. You quickly go back like this Whatever next.”

“I sat for a while, a moment past, you are also not very easy, I will not bully you.”

“Well … you know like” Tao Lan burst terribly upset, actually, and another man lying on a bed.

“My wife … you know, you are also connected to the same fate.” Soda says profoundly. “I am better than you Bitter Tao Lan burst sad.

“I’m Bitter than you.” Soda said, “I just have not finished yet.”

“Then how?” Tao Lan would like to know the story.

“That man is the repair pipeline, very robust and do that thing quite the experience, my wife made quite comfortable.”

Said that these naughty words. “Tao Lan, but did not stop, she’d like to hear the outcome.

Cao up to see that she did not oppose, he was secretly delighted the moonlight, he secretly watched the Tao Lan, she wrapped in a towel blanket, but the chest exposed part of the white smooth skin, her long hair resting on his chest, it shows extreme charming. Towel blanket wrapped back for her graceful body, one leg exposed to, like the white lotus.

Soda went on to say: “I opened the window and rushed to beat that kid meal scare him off my wife confessed what had happened. Original, first, I was not at home, that repairman pipeline. My wife had just finished washing bath, pajamas, directing his doing or that the body he saw he could not help but rushed my wife to bed, hand pulled up her pajamas inside her naked. naked. that guy up and down to explore, my wife is on the soft, wet below. that guy Tuoliaokuzi to insert from behind … ”

“Oh …” Tao Lan gasp.

“You know, stem from the back, a woman is most comfortable, my wife struggled for a few tie since he came to, he often came.

I asked my wife, where he, his wife said, was beneath him. I was furious, in fact, I am following is not small. ”

Tao Lan, sneaking a glance at this note, Cao to up Guangzhuobangzi, wearing only shorts. When she saw the part of shorts central uplift, and my heart flurry. Escape Cao up to the eyes, he deliberately sneezed, and said, “cold, I have passed.”

Tao Lan burst of disappointment, blurted out: “Wait a minute later?”

Soda said: “The cold it readily off the towel blanket corner of cover on the body.

Tao Lan surprised, in the hands of scissors fell to the ground, yet not dare to stand up to pick up sometimes at a loss.

Soda went on to say: “Later, my wife and the kid ran.”

“Ah!” Tao Lan did not think this is so, a female lawyer even elopement and a repairman.

“Well, I Bitter ah!” Soda said body by the by Tao Lan, the two skin have contact with. “You say that I am ugly you?”

Tao Lan turned looked Soda Nongmeidayan, actually quite handsome.

Soda suddenly said: “Can I kiss you? For just a moment, the pro finish my past.”

Tao Lan did not speak, is considering how to do when Cao reached the lips pro on their cheeks, which is how familiar feeling. Cao tongue pry open the lips of the Tao Lan, allow sorption her. Tao Lan, if returned to the wedding night, is receiving the sweet kiss of her husband. Husband’s arm around his neck, the other hand, take off your bra, caressing nipples …

“Woo … No, no!” Tao Lan hastened Road, “Take your hands out! … I can not afford to lose chastity.”

Cao reached the hearts of funny, “We have it, let me kiss you again, my past.”

Cao reached the lips once again the pressure up. Tao Lan, as if back to the dream, she felt hands touch his chest, and then this hand and from the chest to slide into the lower abdomen, over the navel, and touched the woman’s mysterious triangle …

“Ah!” Tao Lan gasp and wake up from fantasy, she found that I do not know when they have naked Soda holding thin, his hands just touched his pubic hair.

“Do not so, I beg you, we can not …” She struggled, guarding the woman’s last line of defense. Her hand and did not catch Cao’s hand, but caught his “lifeblood”, Cao stripped naked, his penis like an ass, so Tao Lan shocked, let her give up the last trace of shyness.

“My husband, I am sorry, I’m sorry.” She silently prayed, “how can I do?”

Tao Lan’s pussy already flow into a river, Cao “ship” to easily drill into Phi wave chopped waves, unimpeded.

“My husband and I have been inserted, I betrayed you.” Tao Lan illegal channels …

Cao up and out of the body of the Tao Lan, he knew that this woman has for a long time have not tasted this experience, his movements are gentle and full of provocative, he let this reserved woman completely become their captives.

Ma Bin woke up, maybe he did not even fall asleep, he secretly admire the ability of Soda to a faithful woman led on the bed. He secretly pushed open the door of the back room, the moonlight, tower-like Cao standing under the bed, and kneeling on the bed, white Tao Lan, in stark contrast.

“They dry behind it!” Mabin Li that emotionally.

“Shu uncomfortable?” Cao up to ask.

“Well …” Tao Lan said drowsily. “Clear.”

“I’m comfortable.”

“Like it or not I stick it in you?”

“Woo … like it.” Tao Lan is completely immersed in the joy of sexual intercourse.

“Like me plug you.” Cao continued to play her.

“I” Tao Lan hesitated.

“Do not say, I left.”

“I … I like, like … when you put me.”

“I use what plug you?”

You … you with a stick. ”

Cao reached the hearts of chuckle, “I have a stick?”

“You, you below ……” Tao Lan is completely conquered.

“The stick is made of?”

“… Rougun child.”

“Rougun sub plug you where?”

“I … I have the following.” Tao Lan is not lustful.


“I … I …”

“Say it!”

“I Xiaoxue.

Cao up fast hold on, he has a Tao Lan Mixue jet, it is now the “second gun”, he did not expect this shy woman breaks out could be so out of hand. He saw Ma Bin, beckoned. Ma Bin, take the hint, and immediately went over to strip naked, bulging penis.

Tao Lan has entered the realm of ecstasy, his mouth issued a low moan, unaware of where they are. She only felt a cock in the joy of your body collision. Cunt suddenly empty, she was about to turn back, big cock inserted in, the more violent and more coarse. A passage of hands on his chest, pinching his nipples, more than six months of loneliness, work together to solve. Cao reached the people they once hated, tonight gave the greatest satisfaction.

Soda did not take the stand behind Ma Bin, said: “I plug the well or not?”

Tao Lan feel extremely comfortable, “Okay, great!”

Would be willing I often plug you? ”

“Willing” Tao Lan did not hesitate.

“Willing to let me often to f # # k you.”

“I … I would like you often f # # k …… I.

“F # # k you Xiaoxue.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Just comfortable or uncomfortable?”

“Oh … now.”

Ma Bin Cao up to smile proudly. Soda also laughed, and slipped out.

Ma Bin in the Mixue, Tao Lan violently sprint dozens of times, and finally comfortable Tao Lan Mixue, ejaculation.

Finally, the two exhausted lying in the bed …

“I did what?” Tao Lan is getting sober, “Why am I shameless? Painful.

Tao Lan looked around tummy man, this view is no trivial matter, “Ma Bin!” Tao Lan soul flying outside.

“Of course my sister.” Ma Bin meet smiles: “sister is really a human creature, made me food for thought ah, I really admire Brother Cao trick, otherwise, the younger brother a lifetime are not sister.”

“Ah … you? You say what?” Tao Lan momentary trance.

Cao brother’s wife did not run with others, I do not have a girlfriend, just want to get sister, Cao brother set trick, called “It Happened One Night”. In the future, you’re my. “Then, they rushed in to …

Tao Lan did not resist, she finally realized that not only lose your virginity tonight, and …… and the two men and two men are shot fine in their own Mixue womb filled with the two men mixed with the semen, really tears. However, it is even more terrifying is how to get rid of it?

Sure enough, the next day, Liu Xiaohui they did not come to leave at night, two men enter the room of Tao Lan, clinging to her clothes off.

Tao Lan can not scream, only desperate resistance. Either side of the two men grabbed her by the arms, easily stripped her naked and press on the bed of rape.

Tao Lan is no longer resist, she knows that resistance is useless, had resigned …

Mother and child Yin

Want to hide in the room wantonly declared? Some.

In order not to do fine to death, so I will burst into the bathroom, tried by the cold water temperature, dousing this rekindled hot? Fire.

I do not know how long, have long been accustomed to not lock the bathroom abruptly heard the door open, I do not look back to know also, it must be the mother and took to wash clothes come.

“Small-yin, today, how cold baths?” Said in one my mother side I placed the clothes.

“Uh … I feel a little hot weather, the cold bath is more comfortable.” I hastened to find excuses in the past, but my eyes, but help to Piaoxiang of the mother’s chest.

Mother’s wearing a little conservative in the past, so even if I saw her chest Jitu know her? Face the secret of wearing a bra, I started will be excited to own; but after initially emotion, and now has able to “turn a blind eye, I thought the mother chest” conflict points “situation, is no longer any feeling, but after stimulation during the day circumstances, and now see the mother Banlu white milk balls, and Road deep cleavage of my hard-won slightly suppress? read, but also the moment the outbreak.
Because of this, I feel the crotch Flanagan I do not know tired of the stiffness of the cock, it seems that suddenly has gone up a little.

Only, my mother did not seem aware of that subtle changes in my crotch Similarly, hot chinese escort is still as usual, Tanran the tone simply said: “That you quickly wash, because the mother would also like to early wash” after it slow out of the bathroom.

I originally said to his mother: “That mother is better wash” with me, but until hot chinese escort closed the door, this sentence has always been afraid to say.

“? …” I looked down at the stiffness of the cock, I do not know what to do?

Thinking for a long time, and finally rational or? The upper hand. I wash a good bath with the fastest speed a shouting into the kitchen: “Mom, I wash well after the trot back to the room; I was out of the room until I heard the bathroom coming from the movement of the door switch, doors in the living room from the TV.

Through television programs, has just successfully transferred a mother’s reveries did not take long, I suddenly heard the bathroom? Vaguely heard a few times, strange sound.

“Huh? That voice … the mother issued?”

I deliberately lowering the TV sound, and then I crept towards the bathroom, as the distance closer and closer, it Wuwuyanyan, intermittently strange sound followed clear.

Separated by a door, I was not clear occurrence of what happened, but since it sounds Ruqirusu imitation? Pain are also deemed the voice of joy to judge, my mother seems to crying out in pain, but it would seem that the pain very happy, I puzzled her reaction one hundred.

I slowly ear in the door and listened for a moment, but that strange sound suddenly suddenly small, when continued off and I could not ascertain exactly the bathroom? Happened.

Panic, I simply side hard knock on the door side asked: “Mom …? How the matter?”

Initials, Finals and just down? And face the strange sound then an abrupt end; compartment for a moment, only the mother’s response: “Little Yan, what happened?”

At this time, I Meng remembered out of the KTV song over and over and her mother did not take long, she did not know drunk or did not notice the front of the sunken ground, kick suddenly stepped on the empty and almost fell to the scene.

She was said foot slightly twisted but not serious, but to see her walk the less natural circumstances, I suddenly thought ─ ─ she was not afraid I am worried, so fight back with a foot injury did not say, until now, the pain by not only careless shout out?

The thought of this possibility, I immediately asked her: “Uh … Mom,? Foot is still hurt?”

Hear the tone of mother imitation? If nothing had happened, so I feel endless wonder.

(Strange? Since her feet are right, why in the bathroom? Scream so painful and so loud?)
“But I clearly heard? …… It seems that in the bathroom? Issued a painful sound …”

“Oh! Well …… no …… right friends.” Bathroom? Voice paused, “Oh, mother just massage the feet, do not accidentally press more vigorously just could not help out in pain.”

“Oh, nothing like I watch TV.” Although I think a little bit wrong, but since the mother has been saying all right, then I can only lay down their concerns in mind.

I just turned, the door rear came the mother’s voice: “Little Yan, you … you are free, then, come in to help his mother to these? Clothes thrown into the washing machine. You?”

Huh? I have not got it wrong? !

Mother actually asked me to go get? Clothes?

This … this has never happened before things.

Past, even if the mother wanted me to help do the laundry, all her clothes on the door, or else is waiting for her to wash the bath out to me, but she actually …… want me to go?

Too strange!

Just as I was standing in the doorway, hesitated to open the door into the occasion, and I heard the mother said: “Little Yan, you wait outside, my mother clothes show it to you.”

Heard these words now, and I can not help? Breath.

If the mother really wanted me to go get clothes, I definitely think that at the moment in the bathroom? Bathing woman, certainly not my mother!

From small to large, my mother is impossible in her bath told me to go; hearts boulder fall did not take long, do not know why, my heart suddenly emerged inexplicable sense of loss.

However, this sense of loss, the moment in the mother opened the door to a shock.

“Small-yin, these clothes on worship? You.”

I am stunned, staring eyes naked woman for a moment, before Qiqiaiyi asked: “Ah! Uh …… mom …? …? How naked?”

? “, You do not see the mother was taking a bath?”

“Oh.” Stared death staring at the mother vain piece jacket sexy carcass, subconsciously took my mother handed me a laundry basket, I do not know how I suddenly blurted out: “Mom? …? Body good. ”
The phrase outburst, I immediately felt regret.

Spit, children did not know to take on nonsense … Get out clothes wash friends. ”

Strange, mother’s rebuke not only tough, made me feel seems more than a fraction of “flirting” imply? !

The problem is that the bathroom? Woman obviously is my own mother! However, why I have such a strange idea?

Does that mean that the mother’s behavior is intentional design, or I should say, hot chinese escort is to take this opportunity … trying to catch me?

If that were true, then why should she do?

As a result, when I put the clothes thrown into the washing machine, even if my body has been sitting in the living room sofa, occasionally press start? TV remote to switch channels, but my mind always in my mother today demonstrated bizarre behavior round and round.

A time can not find the answer to eucalyptus, but it is undeniable, I kind of like a mother today, especially the appearance of her naked.

Well … say is not right. I should say, I like to show the mother of a different style.